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Marketing Manager & Bartender

Katelyn went on her first boat ride at 1 week old, and grew up watching her dad manage and build tour boats on Lake Coeur d’Alene, in Idaho. After graduating from University of Idaho in 2014, she followed her family’s new business to Phoenix, where she took on the role of General Manager. She now co-manages the business alongside her brother, Matt. Katelyn’s father, mother, sister-in-law and grandmother are also involved with the company. She loves traveling, hiking and anything to do with water.



Operations Manager & Captain

Matt went on his first boat ride as a baby, and grew up watching his dad manage and build tour boats on Lake Coeur d’Alene, in Idaho. After graduating from University of Idaho in 2015, and working for a year in Spokane, WA, Matt made the move to Phoenix. He now co-manages the business alongside his sister, Katelyn. Matt's wife, father, mother and grandmother are also involved with the company. He enjoys frisbee golf, going to the gym, tennis & swimming.

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Ticket Office

You will most likely speak with Pam when you call or visit our ticket office. Her work history in real estate and guest services fed her enjoyment of helping people. Now working for Lake Pleasant Cruises, she loves booking guests for their visit. You will remember her by her vivacious laugh and sweet demenor. She enjoys gardening, painting, cooking and volunteering. Pam enjoys traveling and hopes to take a cruise vacation one day!



Bartender & Deck Hand

Victoria is an Arizona native, born and raised in Phoenix. She attended the University of Arizona where she graduated with degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. She is also Captain Matt's wife. They were married on 'The Phoenix' cruise boat in 2020. 



Bartender & Deck Hand

Diane spends the winter and spring living in sunny Arizona and returns to North Idaho for the summer and fall. She loves meeting the locals, as well as visitors from around the world while working on The Phoenix. When she's not working on the boat, she enjoys spending time with her husband (Fred), kids (Kate, Matt and Jake) and daughter-in-laws (Victoria and Anisa). She also loves family vacations.



Bartender & Deck Hand

Amy was born in Denver but grew up in Ontario, Canada. Her family moved back to the states around the time she began high school. She currently attends Grand Canyon University and will be graduating in Spring 2022 with her Bachelors in English.



Bartender & Deck Hand


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Deck Hand

Pat is an Arizona native who recently retired from 36 years as a firefighter. He is an avaid boater and enjoys hiking, fishing and wilderness canoeing.